What Can I Expect in a Family Medical History Interview?

What Can I Expect in a Family Medical History Interview?

The process of becoming a donor at Seattle Sperm Bank starts with applying online and completing a semen analysis. Another important step includes completing a Family Medical History Interview. During this interview, we get to know more about your family’s health history and look for anything that provides additional insight about what conditions or diseases you are predisposed to due to genetics. But not to worry, this is not a high-pressure interview or something that must be completed all at once. We will send you the paperwork with all the questions and walk you through anything that may be confusing.

To get a better picture of what the Family Health History Interview looks like we turned to the Seattle Sperm Bank expert and Donor Coordinator, Alan Dowden.

Hey Alan, why do donors need to complete a Family Medical History Interview in the first place?

“Just like blood and other tissue donation, our sperm donors undergo FDA-led screening for infectious diseases. However, there is a genetic component involved that needs to be assessed as well. In addition to detailed genetic testing, we review your family medical history to reduce the risk of birth defects and genetic diseases in potential offspring.”

What kind of questions should donors expect during the Family Medical History Interview?

“At the Family Medical History Interview, we will ask about your parents, siblings, aunts, and uncles, as well as your grandparents. For these family members, the information should include their ages, any conditions, or diseases (current OR in the past), treatments, and any long-term medications. If anyone is deceased, it will be important to know the cause of death.”

Does Seattle Sperm Bank need to speak with the donor’s parents or siblings?

“While we don’t need to speak with members of your family, we recommend that you do.”

What if a donor isn’t able to get all of the answers?

“If you do not have all the answers or details immediately, don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to follow up with any family members that you might have additional questions for. We can also assist you with what questions to ask. Our Donor Coordinators and Geneticists are here to help.”

Is the information collected on the Family History Interview shared with the intended parents?

“We do share family medical details, but only in a way that does not identify any family members. We never ask for or share identifying details of any family members. Just as you are anonymous to the recipients of your donations, so is your family.”

After completing the Family History Interview, what is the next step in the process of becoming a donor?

“After the Family Medical History Interview the next, and final step is the Initial Medical Screening. At this stage, you are qualified to receive compensation for the donations that we are able to retain. There’s no need to wait for test results either, you can start donating and get paid.

What else happens during the Family Medical History interview, and how long should this appointment take?

“The Family Medical History interview should take 45 minutes or less.  We will go over any questions you have about the other required forms and consents.  Lastly, we will go over what to expect next, should you move on to the final qualifying appointment for our donor program.”

If you have any questions about what it takes to join the sperm donor program at Seattle Sperm Bank, you are welcome to call our Donor Coordinators at (206)588-1484 or email donor@seattlespermbank.com