What to Expect at Your Visit to Seattle Sperm Donor

Supplement your income while helping a family!

Donating sperm at the Seattle Sperm Donor is a clean, comfortable, and rewarding process. Once approved, you will receive $70 per donation. You may then donate as many as three times per week, earning you up to $1,000 per month. Plus, we’ll even give you a $200 bonus when you refer a friend.

Please note that you will not be paid for your first donation. This initial screening sample is only to confirm the health and viability of your sperm, and will be discarded after the analysis is completed.

So if you’re a healthy man of any race or ethnicity between the ages of 18 and 39, we encourage you to apply to be a sperm donor.

To learn more about the donation experience, watch the brief video below to see what it’s like from a donor’s point of view. You may be surprised how easy and convenient it is.

Want to donate? Fill out our donor form and schedule an appointment.