Being In Our Sperm Donor Program – From Start To Finish

Being In Our Sperm Donor Program – From Start To Finish

We’re looking for new donors to join our program. We need men 18-39 years old who are able to donate at least once per week for 6 months or more. Active donors receive routine health benefits like STI testing, physical exams, genetic carrier screening, and compensation for donations.

Furthermore, donations go to help individuals and couples become parents. Without sperm donors, they are left without treatment options.

Applying To The Donor Program

The application starts online with a quick questionnaire. After applying online, you are invited to stop by the lab during open hours for a semen analysis. Our lab team will review the results, which include sperm count, how well the sperm swim, and how well they thaw after a freezing process. This will help us better understand if your samples would be usable for future fertility treatments.

The next steps in the application process include completing paperwork about your medical history and your family medical history, STI testing, a physical, and genetic screening. Our physician and genetic counselors will review your health, medical history, and genetic screening results to better understand if you make a good candidate for sperm donation.

Staying Active While In The Donor Program

We ask that donors stop by the lab at least once per week for 6 months. Often, we see donors visiting more often and staying in the program for 12-18 months. We will routinely give you STI testing and physicals while you are actively donating, as this is an FDA requirement for this type of tissue donation.

Active donors are welcome to take breaks from donating for vacations or other commitments, but we do ask you to let us know if you are planning a leave from the program. Donors are in control of their own schedules and are welcome to visit with or without an appointment.

Exiting The Donor Program

When you decide to exit the program, you will be asked to visit 6 months after your last donation to release your final samples from quarantine. This last STI test, required by the FDA, will let us know there were no active infections at the time of the last donation.

Retired donors receive an annual health questionnaire. We will use this to stay informed about any important health updates that may impact any donor-conceived offspring. Our Medical Director and Genetic Counselors will review this information to decide if there are reporting needs to families who have used your donation for treatment.

Retired donors are occasionally contacted about additional genetic screening. This happens when a family has chosen you as their donor, but the person who is carrying the pregnancy or contributing the egg has a genetic condition that the sperm donor was not screened for. Our genetic counselors will be able to coordinate a home test kit and you will be compensated for any additional testing.

Our donor program is Open ID, meaning that donor-conceived individuals will have the opportunity to request 1 form of contact with their donor when they turn 18 years old. This contact will be facilitated by Seattle Sperm Bank and is a one-time commitment unless both parties decided to continue with future communication.

If you are interested in becoming a sperm donor, you can get started with an online application. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our Donor Coordinators at (206)588-1484 or