Hoe to donate sperm if you are moving.

How To Donate Sperm If You Are Moving

Current sperm donors at Seattle Sperm Bank can conveniently visit 2 locations for donations. Appointments are available at either the Seattle lab or Bellevue Sperm Bank across from Overlake Medical Center. But if you are planning on moving out of the greater Seattle area, either permanently or temporarily, you may be able to continue donating at one of our other lab locations.

Here are all our affiliate locations:

San Diego Sperm Bank, San Diego California

Sunny San Diego is a great place to live, and San Diego Sperm Bank is in an easy-to-access location near the University of California San Diego campus in La Jolla. If you are transferring to any nearby colleges, such as UCSD or San Diego State, you will have easy access to this lab location. And you can use the extra income to enjoy local activities like rock climbing at Mesa Rim, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, or fishing out of Fisherman’s Landing.

Phoenix Sperm Bank, Phoenix Arizona

Moving to a warmer climate in Phoenix Arizona doesn’t mean you have to stop donating. We have a lab location near Arizona State University in Tempe AZ. Either attending ASU or starting a career at Honeywell Aerospace, both will have easy access to Phoenix Sperm Bank.  

Denver Sperm Bank, Denver Colorado

Denver is our newest location. We are accepting applications for our program starting in Summer 2023.

If you are planning to move or have an extended visit in any of these locations, you can continue to be an active donor and receive the same great benefits.

  • $100 per donation
  • Donate up to 3 times per week
  • Routine health visits with STI testing
  • Helping families depending on you for treatment options

Let the Donor Coordinator know about your plans to change location on your next visit. We will let you know all the information about where to find your closest donation site.

If you are planning on moving to another location where we do not currently have a lab, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any remote or alternative donation collection sites. We do understand if you need a hiatus from donating due to other commitments or opportunities. Let the Donor Coordinator know if you are planning a leave of absence.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Donor Coordinator if you have any questions at (206)588-1484 or email donor@seattlespermbank.com.