Sperm Donation in Washington State

Sperm Donation in Washington State

Become a sperm donor in Washington by joining the sperm donor program at Seattle Sperm Bank or Bellevue Sperm Bank. Joining the donor program is both rewarding and generous.

We are going to break down how to join the donor program, what it is like to be a donor in the program and the benefits provided to donors.

How To Join

The application process can take a couple of weeks, depending on when each donor has the time to complete a semen analysis, physical, blood draw, and paperwork.

The first step is to complete an online application. The semen analysis can be completed anytime after the online application has been submitted, but there should be at least 48 hours of abstinence before the analysis. The abstinence time helps provide the best sample possible for the lab team to review. Here are more tips for the first in-person visit.

The Donor Coordinator will be in full communication with potential donors as they move through the application process to help answer any questions and provide information on the testing results.

On the day of the physical, donors can start being compensated for each donation.

Being Active In The Program

Being an active sperm donor means weekly in-person visits. Donors are able to drop by at any time during the lab’s open hours. We are conveniently located near the University of Washington campus and University Village in the Northcut Landing West building. There is free garage parking and a discreet private entry to the facility.

There is a second lab location in Bellevue as well. Active donors are welcome to visit either location. 

On a typical visit to the lab, donors sign in and are shown to a donation room. The rooms have locks to ensure privacy, and donors are given a sterile cup for sample collection. We also provide sperm-safe lubricant if needed. The sample cups are dropped off with the lab team at the end of collection. Visits can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.

Other visits to the lab will include an additional blood draw for STI testing, or a physical exam every six months.

Benefits Of Joining The Program


For each qualifying donation, donors receive $100. But what makes a sample a qualifying donation? It needs to be usable for treatment. This includes having good sperm count, volume, and approved STI test results.

Read more about high-quality samples.

Medical Benefits

Donors in our program receive health exams and STI testing on a routine basis. Additionally, donors receive genetic carrier screening for 502 genetic conditions. This is different from commercial products such as Ancestry and 23& Me, and personal information will not be added to a searchable database.

The added health benefits are a great way to keep up to date with your health status. Just like other medical offices, all results and information are kept confidential and HIPAA-protected.

Flexible Scheduling

We ask that you try to donate at least once per week, but each donor creates their own schedule. We also ask that donors stay active in the program for at least six months, but donors typically stay in for at least a year. Flexible scheduling allows donors to best plan their time while balancing other time commitments alongside what they expect to make in compensation.  

Helping Families

Sperm donation provides valuable treatment options for people waiting to become parents. With a current shortage of available donors, your donation can make a big impact on those waiting.

If you think you might have what it takes to be accepted into the Seattle Sperm Bank donor program, it is worth completing an application. Apply online or reach out to our Donor Coordinator for any questions at (206) 588-1484 or send an email to donor@seattlespermbank.com.