What men say about donating sperm at Seattle Sperm Bank

What Men Say About Donating at Seattle Sperm Bank

Becoming a donor at Seattle Sperm Bank is a worthwhile endeavor and provides meaningful treatment options for families who rely on sperm donation to start or grow their families. We asked the current donors in our program to give some input on what it is like being a sperm donor. 

Here are what they say about being in the program overall:

“It has been a great experience, and I really feel appreciated.”

“I like donating at SSB. It’s a straightforward process, and the staff are kind and helpful, and I know that they care about both donors and client families.”

“Overall great experience. Friendly and helpful.”

“It is really fulfilling to provide for other families.”

“I found this program very inviting, professional, and simple. I was guided through each step of the application process and once in the program, the expectations were laid out in a very clear manner.”

Joining the program starts with an online application and an in-person visit to the lab for a semen analysis. We know that giving a semen sample can be awkward at first, but our professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with accommodations as needed.

Here is what some said about the benefits provided to donors:

“So far, the program has been great! It’s provided me with extra funds, and I also feel like I may be helping people.”

“Great way to earn extra income!”

“Being a sperm donor has been incredibly gratifying. I’ve been able to give would-be parents the chance to start a family, and on top of that it pays well for how little time and effort it takes. Highly recommend applying and seeing if you qualify!”

“I think it’s been great; the free health checks and extra money are really beneficial as a low-income college student.”

All the donors in the program receive:

  • Compensation for each donation- up to 3 times per week
  • Full physicals every 6 months
  • Routine STI testing
  • Genetic Carrier Screening with 502 genetic conditions
  • Flexible scheduling

All testing and screening results are shared with donors and can be sent to primary care physicians as well. On average, men do not visit the doctor as often as women. Being in the donor program is a great way to stay informed about your own health while getting paid.

All donation appointments are controlled by each donor. Donors are welcome to schedule time or drop by the lab during open hours. We do ask that donors visit at least once per week; however, we are flexible if there are any vacations or other time commitments that keep donors away.

Additionally, there are 2 locations that are available in the Seattle area for donations. Donors are welcome to visit either location as it suits their needs.

Seattle Sperm Bank

Bellevue Sperm Bank

And we cannot forget about our wonderful team:

“The staff have been excellent! Always friendly, accommodating, and willing to answer questions. There are also many available appointment times, which makes scheduling very easy as I have a busy work schedule.”

“Great experience, great people.”

“The experience has been great and effortless. The staff is friendly and helpful, willing to answer any questions that I may have.”

“Very professional and non-judgemental.”

We are grateful for the donors who have committed to being in our program to provide families with treatment options. Our team is here to support our donors while providing a professional and clean environment.

If you have any questions about becoming a donor, please contact our Donor Coordinator at (206)588-1484 or email donor@seattlespermbank.com.