Some heroes save lives. Some heroes give life.

Gavyn is a sperm donor. Gavyn gives life.
Be like Gavyn.

Top 3 Benefits of Donating Sperm

Help Someone Realize the Dream of Creating a Family

Earn Extra Money, Up to $10,000 Every Six Months

Complimentary Health Screenings and Checkups

Donor Requirements

Age 18-40


Current Student or Young Professional

Legally Able to Work in the U.S.

Able to Commit 1-5 Hours per Month

Our promise

A Convenient and Hassle-free Experience

Seattle Sperm Bank is one of the country’s leading and most trusted sperm banks. We work closely with all of our donors to provide personal service that is focused on you, the donor, as an individual.

Our experienced team will ensure a comfortable and positive experience that includes a full health check-up upon your entry into our program, along with ongoing support and extensive, advanced genetic screening.

Becoming a Sperm Donor is Easy as 1-2-3

Fill Out the Online Application

Our application form is quick and easy, with a convenient calendar tool

Complete an Evaluation

During your in-person visit(s), we will complete general testing, evaluation and background review

Start Donating

Once you’re accepted into the program, you’re ready to start making donations

Latest From Our Blog

Being In Our Sperm Donor Program – From Start To Finish
Being In Our Sperm Donor Program – From Start To Finish

We’re looking for new donors to join our program. We need men 18-39 years old who are able to donate at least once per week for 6 months or more. Active donors receive routine health benefits like STI testing, physical exams, genetic carrier screening, and compensation for donations. Furthermore, donations go to help individuals and couples become parents. Without sperm donors, they are left without treatment options. Applying To The Donor Program The application starts online with a quick questionnaire. After applying online, you are invited to stop by the lab during open hours for a semen analysis. Our lab…

Hoe to donate sperm if you are moving.
How To Donate Sperm If You Are Moving

Current sperm donors at Seattle Sperm Bank can conveniently visit 2 locations for donations. Appointments are available at either the Seattle lab or Bellevue Sperm Bank across from Overlake Medical Center. But if you are planning on moving out of the greater Seattle area, either permanently or temporarily, you may be able to continue donating at one of our other lab locations. Here are all our affiliate locations: San Diego Sperm Bank, San Diego California Sunny San Diego is a great place to live, and San Diego Sperm Bank is in an easy-to-access location near the University of California San…

Improving Sperm Quality
Improving Sperm Quality

Seattle Sperm Bank has a reputation for having high-quality donor samples. This all starts with the great donors in our program. Here is how our donors make sure their donations provide the best treatment options for people who need donor sperm to complete their family goals. What You Put Into Your Body Matters Eating plenty of fresh foods will help both reproductive and overall health. Foods with folate, vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D can especially improve your overall sperm quality. If you have trouble getting all the vitamins and minerals into your diet, you can always add a nutritional…

Navigating being a sperm donor while in a relationship
Navigating Being A Sperm Donor While In A Relationship

February is a great month to discuss how to balance time between being a sperm donor and being in a sexual relationship. Being a sperm donor requires weekly donations, and you must be abstinent for 48 hours before each donation. So, how do you discuss and balance your time with a significant other? Talk About Sperm Donation With Your Partner Healthy relationships depend on open and ongoing communication. Communicating with your partner about why you are a sperm donor will help your partner understand why it is important to you too. If you become a sperm donor during the relationship,…

Preparing to be a Sperm Donor
Preparing To Be A Sperm Donor

One of the most common ways people become sperm donors is based on their own desire to help support families who need this type of donation. We’re going to lay out the steps to joining the program, who we’re looking for, and the benefits of becoming a sperm donor here. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions or are looking for more information before making the decision to become a sperm donor. Who We Need There are no height restrictions or physical characteristic restrictions for donors. We are looking to support families who come…

8 Things You Should Know About Becoming a Sperm Donor
8 Things You Should Know About Becoming a Sperm Donor

1. You Are Expected To Donate At Least Once A Week To create enough samples to be used in treatment, we ask you to visit at least once per week for 6 months. You are welcome to visit up to 3 times per week, and for longer than 6 months if you are able. Each donation can earn up to $100, so it can really add up if you visit more often. Other benefits to becoming a sperm donor include flexibility in scheduling, routine health exams with STI testing, and helping families who cannot become parents without sperm donation. 2….