What makes a good sperm donor?

What Motivates Someone To Become A Sperm Donor?

Considering sperm donation? There are many reasons to become a living tissue donor- to help others in need, supplement income or have a personal experience with tissue donation. Here is what some donors in our program had to say about why they choose to donate.

Dylan #14008, had a personal connection with sperm donation:

“One of my closest friends struggled with infertility for years but was able to conceive using assisted reproductive technology. I was inspired to help a couple going through the same thing” -Dylan #14008

Maxwell, #10248, has children of his own and can relate to another person who wants to become a parent:

“I’d like to help another person experience the love and joy that I feel being a parent.” -Maxwell, 10248

Certainly, not all donors have a personal connection with a donation or have yet to have children of their own. Often donors have an incentive to fund their financial goals.

Rockwell, #14034, was looking to supplement his income with and needed a flexible schedule:

“I spend a lot of time working the gig economy (Lyft, Uber Eats, dog-walking and grocery-delivery). The donor program worked out great for me to get some extra spending money in between shifts! I also didn’t realize how needed donors are. I was happy to provide this blessing to couples in need.” -Rockwell, #14034

Find more testimonials from our donors here, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about becoming a sperm donor!

“You’re about to start something where you genuinely can help people which is amazing and can improve people’s lives forever so be proud of that.”-Garfield, #10354